“I uplift the voices of the unheard through performance, creative storytelling, and content curation.”

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Jean Nangwala is a singer, speaker, creator and survivor-advocate. She was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia. Her passion for social justice stems from her personal experience of injustice and witnessing the same inequality across the globe. Her passion is empowering women to come together and alleviate systems that perpetuate social injustice. She loves using music and dance to inspire others to find liberation through their art.



From performing original music to leading worship, Jean is a singer and songwriter with an Afrocentric musical emphasis that is centered on justice and the female voice.


As a creative storyteller, Jean designs and develops transformative content for curriculum, advocacy campaigns, and programs that uplift women. Her experience in photography and video editing  bring stories to life.


Jean speaks on topics including justice, survivor-advocacy, healing from trauma, rights for women and girls, and culture. She has spoken on international platforms with organizations in New York, Barcelona, Kenya, and South Africa.

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House Concert


“Just Fine” Original Song

Singing, Speaking, Video

Liberation is Here

Creative, Modeling

Made with Melanin

Creative, Modeling, Photography

“Beauty in Brokenness” Visual Poem

Creative, Speaking

“Chimo ni Chimo” Cover

Creative, Singing

International Day of the Girl

Creative, Speaking

Freely in Hope

Creative, Singing, Speaking

Brave Embodied

Creative, Speaking, Video

“Until women are valued, until women are sitting at decision-making tables, until black women are protected, I will continue to play my part as an advocate for women.”

- Jean Nangwala

Jean’s powerful work, insight, and perspective is necessary for this moment in place and time. Freely in Hope has hired Jean as the keynote speaker for our international conferences, as the main performer for our events, and as a curriculum developer for our program initiatives that end sexual violence. She is a master storyteller with a prophetic voice that speaks light to darkness. I have no doubt that her vision will transform our world—challenging us to be better advocates for justice.


Nikole Lim
Founder & International Director
Freely in Hope

YouTube Channel

Tales of a Black Girl is about empowerment for young girls. This YouTube Channel shares my passion for storytelling, music, and dance. I speak out against sexual violence, using my story as a mirror of healing, showing the power in using your voice. We’ll be having uncomfortable conversations—navigating through a world full of violence, misconceptions about beauty, stigma around mental health, feminism from an African context, the beauty of our culture, and finding your unique identity in the world. My hope is to create space where we can have uncomfortable conversations so that young girls don’t feel alone, appreciate the melanin in their skin, learn how to truly love and take up space in the world.

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